Education and Innovation in Cardiovascular Medicine

Do beta-blockers improve survival in heart failure with preserved ejection fraction?

25-11-2014 • Lund et al., JAMA. 2014
As in HFrEF, beta-blocker treatment reduced all-cause mortality in HFpEF, although survival free from HF hospitalisation at 1 year did not improve with beta-blocker use. Read more

Post hoc analyses of SYMPLICITY HTN-3 shed light on potential source of unexpected trial outcome

25-11-2014 • Kandzari DE et al., Eur Heart J. 2014
Several potential confounding factors are revealed that may explain the unexpected blood pressure responses in the sham control and renal denervation arm. These insight can guide future trial designs. Read more
News • 24-11-2014

CETP-inhibitor improved cholesterol efflux in dyslipidaemic patients

AHA 2014 Monotherapy with the CETP-inhibitor evacetrapib or in combination with statins improves cholesterol efflux and affects HDL particle distribution in patients with low HDL or high LDL levels. Read more
News • 24-11-2014

Two studies find that active asthma increases risk of cardiovascular events

AHA 2014 People with asthma had a higher chance of MI or CVD events, irrespective of traditional risk factors and irrespective of treatment. Systemic inflammation is high despite treatment. Read more
Webcast • Chicago, Il, USA

IMPROVE-IT: Implications for clinical practice & guidelines

Prof. Kausik Ray, London, provides a perspectie on the results of the IMPROVE-IT Trial and its implications for current clinical practice, guidelines and future LDL-c lowering therapies Watch
News • 20-11-2014

Long-term exposure to excess anticoagulation and platelet inhibition increases dementia risk

AHA 2014 Patients with atrial fibrillation who had supratherapeutic INR >25% of the time, had a higher risk of dementia, possibly through brain damage due to microbleeds. Read more
News • 19-11-2014

More infectious endocarditis parallel to decrease in antibiotic prophylaxis at dental procedures

AHA 2014 Since the introduction of the NICE guideline that antibiotic prophylaxis is no longer needed with dental procedures, the number of cases of infectious endocarditis had strongly increased. Read more
News • 24-11-2014

Investigational apolipoprotein A-1 infusion therapy enhances cholesterol efflux

AHA 2014 Weekly infusions with CSL112 removes cholesterol from the arteries, which may be the mechanism via which it reduces early recurrent events after myocardial infarction. Read more
News • 24-11-2014

Cocaine disturbs coronary blood flow

AHA 2014  Cocaine use is associated with significant coronary microvascular dysfunction, despite the absence of significant epicardial CAD. This increases the risk of heart disease. Read more
News • 20-11-2014

IMPROVE-IT on-treatment analysis confirms advantage of adding ezetimibe to statins

AHA 2014  The on-treatment analyses show an even larger clinical treatment effect of ezetimibe addition to statins, as compared with the intention-to-treat analyses. Read more
News • 20-11-2014

HDL function better predicts future atherosclerotic CV events than HDL-level

AHA 2014 HDL cholesterol efflux capacity showed a reverse association with occurrence of atherosclerotic events in over 9 years of follow-up of patients free of CV disease at baseline. Read more
Webcast • Chicago, Il, USA

Confirmation LDL-c lowering beyond current borders with non statin therapy is effective

Prof. Erik Stroes, Amsterdam talks about a great day for CV medicine and a step forward for future lipid research after the presentation of the IMPROVE-IT trial results Watch