Education and Innovation in Cardiovascular Medicine
Webcast • Amsterdam

2014: the major lipid developments in review

Prof. John Kastelein, Amsterdam, (PACE director) reviews the major news on the 3 lipoproteins: LDL-c, HDL-c and TG that provide new understanding and implications for the fight against atherosclerosis Watch

Intraarterial treatment within 6 hours after stroke onset improves functional recovery

18-12-2014 • Berkhemer OA et al., NEJM 2014
MR CLEAN study shows that intraarterial thrombolysis and/or thrombectomy at a proximal intracranial occlusion of the anterior circulation is safe and effective in patients with acute ischaemic stroke. Read more

Larger increase in fibrous cap thickness in atherosclerotic plaque with higher dose statin

16-12-2014 • Komukai K et al., JACC 2014
Treatment with atorvastatin may stabilise coronary plaques by increasing fibrous cap thickness and decreasing the amount of atherosclerotic plaque, possibly via its anti-inflammatory properties. Read more
Webcast • Chicago, Il, USA VBWG

PARADIGM-HF: Rationale, results & implications

Prof John McMurray, Glasgow, explains the backgrounds of this trial with a novel ARNI and its potental implications for future Heart Failure management Watch

Mat pilates beneficial for prevention and management of hypertension

9-12-2014 • Martins-Meneses DT et al., Int J Cardiol. 2014
16 weeks of mat pilates practice improved blood pressure, waist and hip circumference and increased height, flexibility and strength in women who had not engaged in exercise training for over 6 months. Read more

Strong association between post-CABG acute kidney injury and long term end stage renal disease

9-12-2014 • Rydén L et al., Circulation. 2014
A small increase in the postoperative serum creatinine level was associated with an almost 3-fold increase in the long-term risk of ESRD, in patients undergoing CABG. Read more
Webcast • AHA, Chicago

IMPROVE-IT: Congratulations, results & need for expert perspectives

Dr. Patrick O' Gara, Boston, and ACC President comments on the results of IMPROVE-IT trial as presented at the AHA meeting in Chicago Watch
Webcast • AHA, Chicago VBWG

Cardiovascular effects of glucose lowering: Safety vs Efficacy

Dr. Inzucchi, New Haven, provides his perspective on current diabetes therapies and ongoing trials with DPP4 and SGLT2 inhibitors on cardiovascular safety and/or benefits Watch
News • 9-12-2014

ESC advises heart disease patients to reduce exposure to air pollution from traffic

A position paper regards air pollution as a modifiable disease risk factor, and gives recommendations on how exposure to air pollution can be reduced. Read more

Renal dysfunction increases the risk of ischemic stroke and embolism in AF

9-12-2014 • Zeng W et al., Stroke 2014
Meta-analysis shows that chronic renal dysfunction increased the risk of thromboembolic events (ischaemic stroke and systemic embolism) in patients with non-valvular atrial fibrillation. Read more
News • 8-12-2014

PCSK9 inhibition normalises LDL-receptor expression in receptor-defective homozygous FH

In vitro data show that receptor-defective HoFH is responsive to alirocumab, which may lead to LDL-c lowering, while receptor-negative HoFH is not. Read more
Webcast • Moscow

CV Risk management in Russia

Prof. Susekov, Moscow, with a brief update on current challenges to manage CVD in Russia, including some take home messages for Russian physicians Watch