Exercise training improves clinical outcome in women, but not men, with heart failure

17-4-2014 • Piña IL et al. JACC Heart Fail. 2014
In HF-ACTION, an exercise program plus optimal medical therapy (OMT) was associated with a lower risk of all-cause mortality and hospitalisation than OMT alone, in women, but not men with HF. Read more

ACE inhibitors reduce CV morbidity and mortality in diabetics

17-4-2014 • Cheng J et al., JAMA Intern Med. 2014
Meta-analysis shows that ACEIs and ARBs differentially influence the risk of all-cause mortality, CV deaths and CV events in patients with DM. ACEIs reduce the risk, while ARBs do not. Read more
News • 16-4-2014

EMA recommends against combined use RAS-inhibitors

ARBs, ACE-inhibitors and direct renin inhibitors better not combined, because of possible risks. Read more

Better control of atherosclerotic plaques during last decade

8-4-2014 • Van Lammeren GW et al. Circulation 2014
Over time, less unstable plaques and more frequently stable plaques were found in study of University Medical Center Utrecht Read more
News • 1-4-2014

PCSK9-inhibitor evolocumab consistently and effectively lowers LDL-c in various patient groups

ACC 2014 In the MENDEL-2, DESCARTES and RUTHERFORD-2 trials, evolocumab yielded impressive LDL-c reductions and lipid profile improvements, while being well-tolerated. Read more
News • 31-3-2014

Majority of hypercholesterolaemia patients reaches target LDL-c with evolocumab

ACC 2014 LAPLACE-2: Strong reductions of LDL-c, non-HDL-c, ApoB and lipoprotein(a) was seen in patients with hypercholesterolaemia who received statins, irrespective of statin intensity. Read more

Adding HbA1c to conventional CVD risk factors hardly improves prediction of incident CVD

31-3-2014 • The Emerging Risk Factors Collaboration
In adults without a known history of diabetes of CVD, adding information on glycaemic measures does not yield clinically relevant improvement of CVD risk assessment. Read more

“Obesity paradox”: Better prognosis for overweight and obese patients with CVD

10-4-2014 • Lavie CJ, et al. JACC 2014
Overweight and obese patients with CV diseases have a better prognosis than do their leaner counterparts, largely in patients with low fitness. Read more
Webcast • ACC 2014

New British guidelines and risk calculator on CV Risk (JBS3)

JBS3, a novel approach for the prevention of CVD with 'lifetime CV risk' and 'heart age' and a new risk calculator. Chairman John E Deanfield highlights the key messages Watch
News • 1-4-2014

Positive interim results cause heart failure drug trial to close early

Heart failure drug delays CV death and reduced HF hospitalisations in PARADIGM-HF trial: primary endpoint already met at interim analysis, thus Data Monitoring Committee recommends early closure. Read more
News • 31-3-2014

Evolocumab promising in patients who cannot tolerate statins

ACC 2014 GAUSS-2: 12 weeks of treatment with PCSK9-inhibitor evolocumab was effective at reducing LDL-c levels, ApoB and Lp(a), and was well-tolerated. Read more
News • 26-3-2014

New JBS3 recommendations for CVD prevention

The Joint British Societies have published new consensus recommendations for the prevention of cardiovascular disease, with a focus on lifetime CV risk. Read more

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